Time to observe again!

In these times, full of lonely home sitting, we can do the loneliest thing ever again, astronomy! Ok astrophotography, automatically doing its thing while I’m doing something else, not rly lonely.

Anyways, I build up the new Corona-Times-Backyard. With a automatic clicker, that will start the alignment in my goto controller, so that it is not necessary anymore to go on the balcony, like we did before and start the telescope manually every time. And we now managed to see Polaris from that position, doing a proper polar-alignment. No need for auto guiding, but it still advices the quality a little bit. So after writing 5 stars into the star-alignment (Regulus, Dubhe, Arctur, Pollux and Castor, we are ready). Actually Dubhe was kind of hard, because it was near to the zenith. (Stars meat zenith, horizon, or west- and east zenith are actually not suitable), then focusing with BATinov mask and adjusting the Asi 120mm guiding scope, the piggy back Canon EOS 70D and the main camera the Canon EOS 60DA to the same point of view. Stellarmate also runs smoothly. But we have to get used to it and it’s automation features. Loads of pictures will follow in around one week after some post processing!

And then boom, stars 😀 (3min)

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