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Brandon Q. Morris:
One of the most well-known German hard SF authors with many works, which can be understood in part as a chronicle. Whether as an individual writer or in cooperation with colleagues (eg Cliff Allister- "Helium-3 struggle for survival"), his books always provide a successful vision of a possible future, which could be closer or further than we suspect. We got attention on the first band "Enceladus" rather by chance, but this grabbed us very much and the already released sequels ("Titan" and "Io") were added immediately. In the coming months, a new trilogy started playing on "Proxima b". The books "Proxima Rising", "Proxima Dying" and "Proxima Dreaming" are more of a classic science fiction, but the idea is based on a true project, the "Breaktrough Starshot" project. While the "Eismond Trilogy" was extended to the works "Enceladus - The Return" and "Jupiter", he published in between the (more) stand-alone books "The Hole" and "Silent Sun", which questionable or open questions but they also play in the same universe as all other copies. And that's the great thing about the spelling Brandon Q. Morris: On the one hand, one can actually start reading with each of his books, without any difficulties with the contexts. On the other hand, there are some questions for the continuing readers, or that some characters and events / knowledge can be found in the previous titles. "The Rift" (the last published book) makes no difference and we are looking forward to the "Clouds of Venus" announced for the end of March. The scientific base, to which almost all works refer, is also to be found in the appendix and provides some real surprises, because the transition between fiction and reality is sometimes surprisingly narrow.

Stephen Hawking
THE representative of astrophysics in recent years! With brilliant vividness and British humor he not only gives us a lot of pleasure in reading, but also thrilled millions for gray physics. He is synonymous with never giving up and remains a legend even after his sad demise!
⇒ "A Brief History of Time"
⇒ "Short answers to big questions"

Star parks and fight against light pollution


  • Europe
  • 2001: Space Odyssey ⇒ Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece was a milestone and guidepost to the science fiction cult
  • Interstellar ⇒ The Space Opera by Christopher Nolan convinces with an exciting plot, the scientific foundations and the poignant music of Hans Zimmer
  • The Martian - Save Mark Whatney
  • The Wandering Earth


  • Mars (National Geographic)
  • Lost in Space (Netflix) ⇒ The new edition of the cult series tells the events of the Robinson family in a modern way
  • The Epanse (Amazon Prime)


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